Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Navigating Divorce Without Unnecessary Conflict

Working through the details of a divorce is complicate on many levels. While emotions run high, there are many practical and financial details to sort through. The “unentanglement” of a couple, particularly one with children, is never simple or easy. As the founding attorney of Larsen Law, LLC, I’ve seen many couples suffer more than necessary through the divorce transition. Following are my tips to reduce the stress and conflicts that can arise during this time.

Tips For A Smooth Transition

  • Focus on your own strengths
  • Stay off of social media
  • Raise concerns, but don’t bash the other parent (as part of this, focus on how their concerning behavior has affected the children)
  • Get your kids into counseling
  • Don’t involve your kids in the matter
  • Don’t talk negatively about the other parent to your kids
  • Keep everything in text message form
  • Don’t coach or bribe your kids
  • Don’t dig for information
  • See a counselor yourself
  • Don’t record each other
  • Don’t do anything you would be embarrassed for your kids to know about – they pick up on a lot
  • No drugs/alcohol
  • No violence
  • Journal, but include a balance of your actions, reactions and errors, too
  • Don’t monitor your kids’ conversations with the other parent
  • Don’t start a new relationship until your divorce is over
  • Do not lie to anyone during this process
  • Don’t do anything, say anything, or put anything into writing that you wouldn’t want the judge to know about
  • Integrate yourself into the kids’ lives slowly
  • Respect the other parent’s boundaries
  • Don’t engage in adult conversation with the children present
  • Don’t take your kids’ stuff when you leave
  • Don’t drain the joint bank accounts
  • Try to live in the same community as your co-parent.
  • Be honest about bad choices or behaviors
  • Use the word co-parent instead of ex
  • Don’t use unflattering names, pictures, sounds, symbols, or Memes in reference to the other person
  • Don’t get into a new relationship right away
  • Kids know everything

Work With An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

You should not face this process without an knowledgeable divorce attorney by your side. Learn how I can help. Call 971-235-3820or email me today.