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Why is it Important to Have a Will?

Wills are important to protect your children in the event of your passing. While it is common for your property to pass to a survivor you choose, if your property is to pass to your children and your children are still minors, the property will be held in a contingent trust for their benefit. This means an adult will manage any money and property left for your children until they reach an age where they can manage their inheritance themselves. In your will, you are also able to name a guardian for your children, or in the case of divorce, an alternate guardian if your ex-spouse is not available. Whoever you designate as trustee of the contingent trust will manage and disperse funds for the health, education, support, maintenance, or general welfare of your children.

Our will packages include a Durable Power of Attorney which will allow your Power of Attorney to manage your finances and ensure your children have access to the money they need for food, shelter, and other needs. It also includes an Advance Medical Directive, which allows you to make choices about your healthcare in the event you become incapacitated.

We are here to protect your family, during marriage, divorce, and after the passing of you and your spouse. Talk to us to determine what options you have for protecting your family.

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