Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Navigating Child Custody Cases

Perhaps the most difficult part of a divorce is children custody. Emotional upset aside, there are so many practical and legal factors to consider when navigating custody. The stakes are high in these cases, as the outcome can shape your family’s future for a long time to come.

It takes a unique person to walk alongside others in this difficult journey. I’m passionate about doing just that. I’m Jessica Larsen, a family law attorney and founder of Larsen Law, LLC. I apply a wealth of skill, experience and insight to walk clients through complex custody considerations. When you work with me, I will take into account your personal goals as well as the best interests of your children to help you reach a favorable resolution for all parties involved.

Why Work With Me On Your Custody Case?

Before going to law school, I earned a degree in psychology, which I now apply to help people navigate the emotional storms of custody cases. I also have experience advocating for domestic abuse victims. I know what it means to be in crisis and how to walk people out of it into a better future.

With my years of experience and proven track record, I’m the one you want sitting next to you in your family law case.

What’s more, I’m local. Based in Hillsboro, I understand the intricacies of Oregon family law and what’s needed to reach a favorable outcome.

Working With Your Unique Custody Situation

A big focus of my practice is collaborative family law. The hope is that your case is easy and all parties reach an amicable agreement. However, some cases get more complex and require elevated skills and knowledge to acquire child custody rights. Complicating factors might include:

  • Problems between parents
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Poor home or school environment
  • Financial insecurities or job loss
  • Criminal or risky behavior

When you work with me, I will take the time to uncover and understand all the nuances of your situation. When needed, I can enlist experts in the vast world of child welfare to help advocate for what’s best and right for your children.

Why A Forward-Looking Approach Is Essential

Adding to the complexity of child custody, many people choose to move out of state after a divorce and thus move to a different jurisdiction, placing them under unique laws. It is crucial to obtain a lawyer who is forward-thinking and can protect your family in all situations that may arise both now and in the future.

I can make sure you have a custody arrangement that addresses all foreseeable complications including:

  • What happens if you move out of state?
  • What happens when your children turn 18?
  • What happens if the other parent moves out of state or misses child support payments?
  • What happens if the safety of their environment changes?

These are all questions that need to be drawn up and agreed to. Even if the divorce is amicable, things can change. They could change for the better, and we hope they do, or they could change for the worse, though we sure hope they don’t!

Regardless of what may come, I am here to protect you, your rights as a parent, your children and their rights. The goal is to enable you to simply be a parent. You deserve that. Whereas the emotional stresses of a divorce can be daunting, I want to make sure you have the peace of mind to love your kids and move forward in a new chapter of your life.

A Holistic View Of Your Custody Situation

I’m committed to taking a holistic view of your situation so that I can serve as your voice more effectively and advocate during the many important crossroads ahead. Reach out to set up an initial consultation. Call 971-235-3820 or send me an email. Based in the Portland metro area, I serve clients throughout the state.