Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Collaborative Law: A Better Way To Resolve Family Law Cases

Gone are the days when divorce or custody meant a lengthy, bitter court battle. A growing body of evidence has illuminated the many downsides of that approach: stress and chaos, a major drain on everyone’s time and financial resources, and often, a detrimental impact on the children.

Collaborative law offers a more peaceable way to resolve family law cases such as divorce and child custody. At Larsen Law, LLC, it’s the focus of my practice. I’m family law attorney Jessica Larsen, and I believe in the power and efficacy of the collaborative approach as a better way forward for families and their children.

What Is Collaborative Law In Oregon?

Collaborative law is a respectful, resolution-oriented process and an alternative to “battling it out” in court. In the collaborative process, each party has their own lawyer to provide guidance and recommendations. Both parties commit to attempting to resolve their case outside of court. That may involve mediation with a neutral third-party facilitator, although mediation isn’t always necessary.

My goal is always to help clients reach creative solutions that fit their family’s unique needs. The collaborative approach provides the tools and framework to make that possible. It empowers you – rather than a judge – to make key decisions that will shape your future (and your family’s).

Find Out More About The Collaborative Approach

Facing a major life crossroads such as divorce or custody can be confusing and intimidating. I’m committed to making it easier for you by providing compassionate, knowledgeable guidance through the collaborative process.

To learn more about collaborative law and whether it’s right for you, send me an email or call 971-235-3820. I’m located in Hillsboro and serve people throughout the Portland metro area and across the state.