Divorce is an emotionally challenging time in the life of the person, which can make it especially difficult to navigate the complex terrain of the legal process. Jessica Larsen is a qualified Beaverton divorce lawyer who can help you to go through this process easier. When confronted with the possibility of a divorce and the potential need for an attorney, it can be overwhelming and unfamiliar for many - this may even be your first experience looking to hire an attorney. Jessica Larsen has helped many people through this process, and can guide you too, while ensuring your best interest and rights are being represented.

Beaverton divorce attorney

When any person files for a divorce, it is one of the most stressful times they can experience. Jessica Larsen, a Beaverton divorce attorney, can help reduce that stress. While you may be feeling the weight of your marriage dissolving, she will help off load the additional burden of fighting for your present and future needs including material possessions, financial support, and child custody. Jessica can also act as the communication conduit between you and your spouse so you don’t have to worry about tense negotiations over assets and other details.

There are many details to consider when going through a divorce process, and working with Jessica can be key in nailing down those details. It is better to invest in reviewing (often overlooked) details rather than regretting the fact that those items were missed when they’re needed later. The decisions that are made during a divorce proceeding can impact your future life.

Between the many details of reviewing assets and liabilities, potential spousal support, restructuring family debts, there is a lot to consider, and finding the right Beaverton divorce attorney can be critical.  If you are a parent, the process of divorce can be even more complicated - the primary issue for parents during and after their divorce is their child(ren). Let Jessica help you develop a plan that works best, while addressing both the parent’s and child(ren)’s needs.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or are even just curious as to how Jessica can help, please reach out to set up an initial consultation!

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