Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Peaceful Collaboration Is My Goal

Dedicated To Resolving Family Law Matters Peaceably

Family law cases like divorce and child custody don’t have to be battles. At Larsen Law, LLC, I help clients navigate a more peaceable path toward finding win-win resolutions.

I’m Jessica Larsen, the firm’s founding attorney. I focus my practice almost entirely on this area. My degree in psychology lends me insight into how to approach family law cases with emotional intelligence. I offer compassionate services rooted in an understanding of the challenges you’re facing and the vision you have for the future.

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My Collaborative Family Law Focus

I truly believe that parents and children benefit from a collaborative approach to resolving divorce and other family-related disputes. It benefits nobody to waste valuable time and resources picking fights in court. Children fare much better when their parents don’t spend years embroiled in a heated court battle.

I’m passionate about helping clients find creative resolutions so they can start moving forward with building their new lives. My collaborative approach spares clients the headaches, expense and emotional turmoil of the adversarial litigation process. However, if taking your case to court is in your best interests, I am prepared to fight for your rights through litigation whenever necessary.

Let’s Talk About The Next Steps

If you’re facing divorce, custody or another family law issue and are interested in pursuing an amicable resolution, I can help. Let’s get to know each other during an initial consultation. I can provide answers to your questions and address your fears, worries and concerns.

Contact me online or call 971-235-3820 to get started. My office is conveniently located in Hillsboro, Oregon. I serve family law clients in and around the Portland metro and throughout the state.